Please accept our warm welcome! We are very happy to see you here. Working on a network to choose, prepare and export products directly from main sources is our profession. We are grateful for your visit and invite you to learn more about Us and What We Do. Honesty and timeliness is the most important goal for us. We are located in Dubai, Emirates, feel free to contact us if you have any questions and orders from our country. Hope to see you again!

Food Stuff

Food Stuff Iran is a wide country with all types of climate, this makes it unique to plant different kind of food stuff. Some products are very unique and they are only known by Iranian

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Raw Materials

Raw Materials   Raw materials covers all types of materials used to be processed and changed to other type of products, it can be mineral raw materials or non-minerals like plastic granules, petrochemicals and chemicals.

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Machines and Building Materials

Machines and Building Materials Home appliance, Electronical and mechanical devices for industrial uses are produced in Iran for examples machines attached to tractors to harvest, packaging machines or generators or kitchen appliances like pot or

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