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what is polycarbonate roof sheet? Polycarbonate is the strongest type of transparent plastic that has many uses in the construction industry, especially as a substitute for glass. In addition to construction purposes, this material has many applications in the manufacture of eyeglass lenses, DVDs, bulletproof glasses, aerospace industry, etc. Altin Alish Verish, is one of the best polycarbonate flat sheet suppliers.

Polycarbonate in the form of double-walled or flat sheets is usually used as a roof cover for skylights and walls that need light to pass through. Due to the UV layer on their surface, polycarbonate sheets are also anti-sun in addition to being unbreakable. Due to their structural structure, double-walled polycarbonate sheets are thermal and sound insulation to some extent and are much lighter than iron and other roofing materials;


Polycarbonate sheets (double and flat)


Polycarbonate sheets (double and flat)

Double-walled polycarbonate is usually used in buildings and for coverings outside the house due to the more reasonable price. Double-walled polycarbonate has a networked structure like cardboard and is sunscreen Its transparent models transmit light well, but they are somewhat opaque (they do not have visibility).

But the flat polycarbonate sheet has a structure like glass and transparent, with the difference that it is completely unbreakable and soft. In addition to construction purposes, flat polycarbonate is used in the manufacture of spectacle glass, as well as its high thickness as bulletproof glass. Flat polycarbonate can be called the highest quality plastic sheet available in the market;



The dimensions of the double-walled polycarbonate sheet are 210cm*600cm;
The dimensions of the flat polycarbonate sheet are usually 205cm*305cm;

Types of polycarbonate:

  • Flat polycarbonate sheets
  • Polycarbonate roll
  • Patterned polycarbonate sheets
  • Corrugated polycarbonate sheets
  • Multi-wall polycarbonate sheets
  • Polycarbonate sheets of pottery design



polycarbonate flat sheet suppliers:


Polycarbonate flats sheets can be supplied from Iran, Iran is one of the biggest producers of polycarbonate flat sheets in the region which has export to neighboring countries and also CIS countries.



Flat polycarbonate sheet dimensions:


  • The size and dimensions of the flat or simple polycarbonate sheets produced by extrusion or injection methods are 205 cm wide and 305 cm long.
  • The thickness of the flat polycarbonate sheet is 1 to 2 mm.
  • According to the customer’s demand, it is possible to increase the thickness of the flat polycarbonate sheet up to 12 mm.
  • Also, according to the customer’s demand, the dimensions of flat transparent polycarbonate sheet can be produced with desired length and width.



how wide are polycarbonate sheets?


The size and dimensions of double or multi-walled polycarbonate sheets are standard width of 210 cm and standard length of 610 cm.

Be careful that the thickness of the standard dimensions of the multi-wall polycarbonate sheet can vary from 6 mm to 18 mm.

The thickness of double-walled polycarbonate sheets can vary from 4 to 10 mm.

According to the standard size of multi-walled and double-walled polycarbonate sheets, it is possible to order different sizes of polycarbonate sheets in the customer’s desired dimensions, and you can order these transparent polycarbonate sheets in different lengths and widths.

Different brands of polycarbonate sheets consider different thicknesses for polycarbonate sheets and these sheets are available in the market with variable thicknesses.

According to the variety of thickness of polycarbonate sheets, in general, the standard thickness of polycarbonate sheets can be considered 4 to 6 mm.

Be careful, if the thickness of the polycarbonate sheet is less than this standard value, it will not last for a long time and will have a very short lifespan.

However, polycarbonate sheets with a thickness greater than 6 mm are available in the market, which are used for special applications.

In general, the thickness of the polycarbonate sheet can be summarized in the following cases:

  • 4 to 6 mm thickness for double-walled polycarbonate sheets
  • Thickness 8 to 10 mm for double and triple polycarbonate sheets
  • 16 to 20 mm thickness for three-wall and multi-wall polycarbonate sheets


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