Iodine is one of the chemical elements of the periodic table with atomic number 53, and its very small amount is necessary for living organisms. The reactivity of this substance is lower than all halogens and it is the most electron-donating halogen. This pure product can be prepared from the reaction of potassium iodide with copper sulfate.

In general, iodine is used in pharmaceutical industries, disinfectants, LED and LCD manufacturing, contrast media, food stabilizers, nylon, in the production of high-purity metals, iodized chemical fertilizers, electronic industries, and iodized compounds.





Iodine produced in Iran, according to its appearance and production method, according to USP requirements, is classified as follows:


1- Iodine resulting from melting, crushing and granulation; In packages of 25 and 50 kg with seeds of irregular shape and size > 5 mm


2-Beet obtained from sublimation and cooling (condensation) with natural crystals, in packages of 25 and 40 kg and size > 2 mm

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