Silicon is one of the elements that is easily found in the earth’s crust and has different types. Due to the fact that silica is easily found in nature, we cannot find pure silica soil in nature, it is very rare and you will be able to find pure silica soil in nature.

Applications of silica soil:

One of the most important applications that can be mentioned is anti-corrosion coatings. Silica soil is highly resistant to corrosion and has a high dispersibility. Among its other uses, we can mention the use in induction furnaces, glass furnaces, coking and air heaters in the tallest furnaces. Silica soil is used in various industries such as water treatment, glass and cement, casting, etc. Among the applications of silica soil, the following can be mentioned:
  • Descaling and sandblasting
  • Ceramic making
  • Glasswork
  • coloring
  • hygiene industry
  • pharmaceutical Industries
  • And … .

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