Potash, Potassium hydroxide

Potash is a type of manufactured or mineral salt, which contains potassium in a water-soluble form. Potassium hydroxide or potash is an inorganic compound with the formula KOH. This compound and caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) are among the strongest bases. It has many uses in the industry, and its most important use is to neutralize acids. In the general definition, potash refers to salts containing potassium, but it is commonly referred to as potassium hydroxide, which we also follow. Soda and potash are among the most important compounds of hydroxides, which are very important in industry. Hydroxides are one of the types of hydroxyl compounds (containing OH) whose solutions have a bitter taste, neutralize acids and turn the red litmus color into blue. Potassium hydroxide is a type of potash that is thermodynamically very stable so that it does not decompose even at high temperatures. The solubility of this substance in water and alcohol is exothermic and can generate heat. This combination can absorb moisture and carbon dioxide from the air.  

Other features:

  • -Potassium hydroxide is available in the market as a white solid powder.
  • -This substance is one of the compounds that common people call ash.
  • -Potassium solution like sodium (NaOH) is strongly alkaline, this product can react with different acids and produce different salts of potassium.
  • -One of the most important uses of this compound is its use as a chemical fertilizer.
  • -Plants need 3 nutrients to be healthy, including potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus.
  • -These 3 substances are very low in the soil compared to other essential elements for plant growth, so they are used as fertilizers as soil nutrients for plant growth alone or all three together (supplementary fertilizer or NPK).

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