Polyethylene wax is a product based on polyethylene. This product is known as the most common PVC lubricant. Polyethylene wax is colorless and odorless and can be prepared as a crystalline solid. Polyethylene wax has less flexibility and resistance than other polyethylenes, but it has high chemical resistance. Purity and high melting point, as well as having high resistance, have led to the favorable performance of polyethylene wax.  

Advantages of polyethylene wax:

  • -It has good flexibility.
  • -It has high chemical resistance.
  • -It is compatible with other vox.
  • -It has lubricating properties.
  • -It is stable against heat.

Two types of polyethylene

Two types of polyethylene wax are produced and sold in the market, the difference between these types of wax is in their molecular mass.  
  • -Polyethylene wax emulsion
  • -Non-emulsion polyethylene wax
  Different types of wax are produced in Iran, you can see some of them at the table below.    

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