Phenol formaldehyde resin

Phenol formaldehyde resin, which is also known as phenolic resins, is a type of composite polymer that is formed by the reaction between phenol or substituted phenols with formaldehyde. These materials were used as the main component in the production of aggregates and are also among the first types of commercially available composite resins. Among the uses of the mentioned resin, we can mention billiard balls, laboratory work tables, coatings and also adhesives. At one time, these materials were widely used in the production of circuit boards, but today they have been widely replaced by epoxy resins and fiberglass coatings. One of these examples is fire resistant boards known as FR_4. The mentioned resin can be produced using two different methods. In the first method, phenol and formaldehyde react directly to create a thermosetting polymer, while in other cases, formaldehyde is limited to produce a type of prepolymer called Novalac, and this material can be molded Taking and also processing has more amount of formaldehydes and heat. In fact, different production methods as well as different additive materials are used to produce different types of resins in order to achieve different goals.  

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