Normal hexane is n-hexan with molecular formula C6H12 and molecular weight 86.18g/mol. Normal hexane is a 6-carbon linear alkane of organic compounds and a colorless liquid. If it is pure, it is odorless and flammable.

Usages of n-hexane:

  • -Normal hexane is an inexpensive, relatively safe, largely inert solvent that evaporates easily and turns into a vapor at 20ºC and 160hPa pressure.
  • -Like most alkanes, hexane also shows low reactivity and is therefore a suitable solvent for reactive compounds.
  • -The average normal lethal concentration of hexane for mice is 171.6g/Lit and its average lethal oral dose for mice is 25000mg/Lit.
  • -Its average skin lethal dose for rabbits is >2000mg/Lit.
  • -Due to its symmetry and regular shape, normal hexane is widely used in construction, engineering and mathematical sciences.

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