Kaolin is the common name for mineral products that consist wholly or mainly of the mineral kaolinite or aluminum silicate. Milled and classified grades of raw kaolin may contain small amounts of related silicates (mica, illite, chlorite, smectite) and quartz.

The most common use of this compound is in the coating industry and it is washed with water to remove impurities. Kaolin has a clay structure, but unlike talc and mica, its value in the production of coatings is greater than its contribution to optical properties.

Applications of kaolin in industry:

This material has many uses in the industry. One of its most important uses, which accounts for an average of 50%, is related to the paper industry. This substance in paper makes the pages white, smooth and glossy.



Among other uses of this material in the industry, the following can be mentioned:

  • -It is used in the porcelain and ceramic dishes industry, the use of kaolin in these dishes makes them more resistant to dryness and high temperature.
  • -In order to reduce the erosion of machines, they use this material.
  • -Kaolin in car tires increases tire elasticity.
  • -It is also used in the plastic industry in the field of polyester and PVC.
  • -This substance is a good catalyst in the water and oil industries.
  • -Kaolin is used in cosmetics and hygiene, for example, it can be one of the components of toothpaste and sunscreens.
  • -They use it in the agricultural industry to prepare fertilizer.
  • -This material is used in building materials to prepare floors.
  • -It is also widely used in the paint industry.
  • -Insulation
  • -glass production
  • -Adhesives and sealants
  • -Retarders
  • -Paper and pulp


Types of kaolin:

There are 4 types of kaolin, each of which has minor differences. These four types are:


Ball clay: Kaolin in this stone can be 20 to 95 percent. This claystone also has a small amount of quartz and chlorite.

Halloysite: This type of kaolin is divided into two types, hydrous and non-hydrous.

Dickite: This kaolin crystallizes in the monoclinic system.

Nacrit set: One of the differences between dickite and nacrit set is its regular and irregular texture. This type of kaolin crystallizes in the monoclinic system.


Characteristics of kaolin

This material has characteristics such as high hardness, gloss and flexibility. The reasons for the wide use of this substance in the industry are its special features. Some of the features of this material are:


  • Catalytic properties
  • Low ability to conduct electricity and heat
  • Polished and shiny
  • Whitening ability
  • Softening ability
  • Filler and cover
  • The price is right
  • High tolerance and immutability in acidic and alkaline environments
  • Hardening ability


Some of the most famous kaolin types produced in Iran:

  • SZWNK1
  • ZWNK1-T
  • ZWNK1-S
  • SZWNK2
  • S.I
  • SZWMK1
  • ZWMK1
  • ZMK1H
  • ZMK1
  • ZMK2


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