Caustic soda with the scientific name of sodium hydroxide is a chemical substance widely used in the industry.

caustic soda or baking soda; This substance is an odorless, white and transparent crystalline solid, non-volatile and highly corrosive, which easily absorbs moisture in the air and produces significant heat when it is dissolved in water or neutralized with acid.

Sood Perak has various features, these features make this high consumption material very widely used in various industries.


Test Result Limit Metod
NAOH Min98.3% Min98% isiri364
Na2Co3 0.34% Max 1 isiri364
NaCI 0.02% Max 0.06 isiri364
Na2SO4 Max 0.005 Max 0.02 isiri364
SiO2 Max 0.005 Max 0.02 isiri364
Fe (mg/kg) 8 Mas 30 isiri364
Insoluble In Water 0 Max0.1 isiri364
AL2O3(mg/kg) Max7 Max20 isiri364
Bp(mg/kg) 6 Max20 isiri364
Hg(mg/kg) <00.15 Max0.2 isiri364
As2O3 0.1 Max 2 isiri364
color 0.01 isiri364


Among these features, the following can be mentioned:


  • -Very strong fat remover
  • -Neutralizer of acidic environments
  • -pH regulator
  • Other uses of perk profit:
  • -Detergents and soap industries
  • -Production of grease remover and scale remover
  • -Textile and leather
  • -Oil, gas and petrochemicals
  • -Chemical production
  • -Synthetic silk
  • -Laboratories to determine the concentration of acids in experiments
  • -Glue production
  • -As an antiseptic
  • -Rubber recovery



caustic soda suppliers:


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