Calcium nitrate is a mineral calcium nitrate salt that is used as a fertilizer.

Calcium nitrate, also called Norwegian nitrate, is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Ca(NO3)2.

Calcium nitrate is a white or gray-white granular solid that absorbs moisture from the air and is usually found as a tetrahydrate compound Ca(NO3)2.4H2O.

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Certificate of Analysis
Customer: Altin Alish Versh LLC Sample Name: Calcium Nitrate
Date of Analysis: 2021-06-05 Reporting Date: 2021-06-17
Certificate No:240443 Tracking Code: PKA99939
Customer Address : Marand, Iran


NO. Test result Unit
1 Total Nitrogen 12.39 %w/w
2 Nitrate Nitrogen 10.34 %w/w
3 Solube Calcium (as CaO) 24.85 %w/w
4 Soluble Sodium 0.13 %w/w
5 Soluble Chloride 0.12 %w/w
6 Total lead 4.64 ppm
7 Total Nickel 27.18 ppm
8 Total Cadmium 3.81 ppm
9 Total Arsenic 0.10 ppm


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Application of calcium nitrate:

-It is used as fertilizer in agriculture.

-It is used as an oxidizing agent in the production of matches.

-It is used in the explosive and chemical industries.

-It is used to make fireworks.

-Making incandescent lamps is used in light industries.

-It is used as a raw material in the manufacture of other nitrate compounds.

-Calcium nitrate is used in sewage treatment to control odor pollution.

-It is a very common coagulant in latex production.

-Another important use of this compound is in the construction industry, where it is used as part of concrete accelerator additives.

-In latex production.

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