What is aluminum chloride?

aluminum chloride

What is aluminum chloride?

What is aluminum chloride?

Aluminum Chloride (Aluminum Chloride), as its name suggests, is made of two elements, aluminum and chlorine, and is a mineral compound found in rocks. Aluminum chloride is supplied as a solid powder in white and light yellow color. If the aluminum chloride composition is subjected to high heat, in addition to the white powder, part of it will be decomposed into anhydrous aluminum chloride and hydrogen gas will be released.


Applications of aluminum chloride:



NO: Characteristics specifications
1 assay %99.5
2 vapor density 1.9(vs air)
3 vapor pressure 1 mmHg (160 4 “C)
4 Impurities %0.005 imsolubles
5 Ign residur %0.01
6 PH 4.5t5.8J25 °C,%5)
7 mp 340 °C (subl)(ht)
8 Phosphate (PO4) 2ppm
9 Sulfate (SO2) %0.002

package 25 Kg/Bag, 1000 Kg/jumbo Bag


-One of the most important uses of aluminum chloride is in the cosmetics industry. This mineral compound is used in making all kinds of women’s and men’s deodorants.

-In the pharmaceutical and therapeutic sector, aluminum chloride is used in the manufacture of drugs related to hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.

-Controls excessive sweating in the body.

-Most doctors first prescribe medicines containing 20% aluminum chloride for patients, and the percentage increases according to the level of the disease.

-Aluminum chloride prevents sweating by inactivating and paralyzing sweat glands in the body.


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