What is a sandwich panel?

Sandwich panel or sandwich panel is a 3-layer structure, which is the top layer and the bottom layer, and between the 2 layers is filled with foam (injection of polyurethane foam and rock wool). This product is one of the new construction products that is produced in a variety of ceiling and wall panels. Prefabricated sandwich panels have engineering justification and economic efficiency. Sandwich panel brings with it various advantages, among these advantages, we can mention lightness, reasonable price, possibility of reuse, heat and cold insulation, increasing building efficiency, etc. Despite these types of panels, we can say goodbye to traditional materials such as brick, wood, concrete, cement, pottery, etc.; Materials that use many resources such as water, energy, sand, etc. in their production and preparation process.
Different types of Sandwich panels are produced in Iran, all kinds of ceiling, wall, cold room and clean room sandwich panels with steel and aluminum sheets as well as XPS, PU, EPS and PVC foams.


Types of sandwich panels

Based on the type of insulation, sandwich panels are divided into three groups: polyurethane foam, stone wool, and polystyrene, and based on application, they are divided into two types of roof and wall covering. that each of these groups has a lot of diversity and is chosen according to the application and based on calculations. Today, with the help of modern machines and C.N.C, there are many varieties of ceiling sandwich panels and wall sandwich panels.

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