Oxide Magnesium Ceiling Tiles

This product is completely compatible with the environment and is a green industry and has the following characteristics: heat resistance, sound insulation, waterproof, dimensional stability when wet, mold and mildew resistant, completely inorganic and termite resistant, it does not rot or rot This product does not cause allergies and does not contain toxins such as formaldehyde and carcinogenic dust.
It can be used:
In the internal spaces of the building, such as internal walls, partition and ceiling, suspended ceiling and ceiling, raised floors and underlaying are used in the facade of the building.
Length 2440 meters
Width 1220 mm
Thickness 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 mm
Color: white, custom color
Surface: smooth
Back surface: rough
Fire resistance level: class 1
Fire response classification, A
Flexural strength 12 MPa
Tensile strength: 6 MPa
Water absorption less than 20%
Density: 950-1200 kg/m3
Ceramic conductor: 0.14 W/µOhm
Sound insulation: 43 dB.

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