What is Gilsonite?

Bitumen is usually obtained from the distillation of crude oil. Such bitumen is called petroleum bitumen or distillate bitumen. Oil bitumen is the product of two stages of crude oil distillation in the distillation tower. In the first stage of distillation, light substances such as gasoline and propane are separated from crude oil. This process is carried out at a pressure close to one atmosphere (unit). In the second stage, heavy compounds such as diesel and kerosene are removed. This process takes place in a pressure close to vacuum. Finally, a mixture of very fine solid particles called asphaltene remains, which is immersed in a grease-like fluid called maltene.


Uses of Gilsonite


This valuable substance is used in more than 160 types of different products directly and indirectly (additive & modifier).


In casting industries

Gilsonite is used as a carbonate additive in casting sands to produce smoother plates on gray iron molds. Gilsonite is mixed with sea coal and used as a special binder for casting sands, which reduces defects at the end of the casting process, and also improves mold release.


In chemical production

Gilsonite has been used successfully for many years to produce sealants and adhesives. With new production technology and unique natural quality control, this product can be considered as a substitute for synthetic resin in the fraction of raw materials. The effective use of this natural resin in executive applications is compatible with the high quality of Gilsonite.


In the paint industry

Gilsonite has been used in the paint industry for many years. This substance is used in paints that form the base of bitumen. Gilsonite’s high nitrogen content increases adhesion and UV stability.


In asphalt and road paving

Gilsonite is used as an agent to increase efficiency and efficiency in asphalt mixture. Asphalt mixed with high-quality Gilsonite, without the need for other modifiers that are added to the asphalt in the form of powder, becomes completely uniform.


In making bituminous mortar

Mastic formulation with Gilsonite can be a desirable substitute for Mid Block, Pentalin H, End Block, Lx 509 resin in formulation with Kraton D 1101 is a satisfactory substitute for Mid Block resin and a suitable substitute for both resins.


In drilling and cementing oil wells

Gilsonite is used in drilling fluids to cement oil wells. This mineral is a unique and stabilized combination of gilsonite grades to provide optimal and appropriate action in drilling mud to stabilize shale (walls of oil wells).

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