Ethyl Acetate

Introduction of ethyl acetate

Ethyl acetate is an ester compound, liquid, colorless, with an almost sweet and fruity smell, and highly flammable, which has high solubility in all common organic solvents, but low solubility in water. This organic compound is one of the most important industrial solvents due to its low boiling point and high evaporation rate.


Ethyl acetate is one of the solvents that has the lowest degree of toxicity and it is found naturally in grains and legumes, radish, fruit juice and alcoholic beverages. This compound is a widely used solvent in the manufacture of paint and resin, varnish, printing inks and perfumes. One of the characteristics of ethyl acetate is the possibility of its decomposition against ultraviolet rays.


Applications of ethyl acetate

One of the most common and important uses of ethyl acetate is as a high purity solvent in the paint, resin and printing industries. This material has many uses in various industries due to its low toxicity and pleasant smell. Other uses of ethyl acetate include the following:


Ethyl acetate solvent is used as a thinner in thinner and cellulose coatings and varnish remover.

Another one of the most important applications of this product in the printing industry is flexo, helio and rotogravure machines.

This substance is used in the process of making food products such as synthetic essential oils and flavorings.

Another use is in the pharmaceutical industry and the process of concentrating and purifying antibiotics.

Another use of this product is in photographic films and propylene films.

This product is also used in high purity to clean electrical circuit boards.

Ethyl acetate is also used as a decaffeinator in tea and coffee.

Due to its high evaporation power and leaving no trace on the clothes, it is also used in the perfumery industry, it is even used as an air freshener.

It is also used in the formulation of household cleaning products.

Other miscellaneous uses of this product include its use in the leather industry, making herbicides and agricultural pesticides, in the production of gunpowder, and in the production of aluminum containers.

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