Ceramic paper (also known as ceramic paper or fireproof paper) is one of the types of ceramic insulation that can be produced from all kinds of ceramic fibers, including HA and HZ fibers, and has high thermal tolerance, physical properties, and good chemical resistance. These capabilities make ceramic paper a suitable solution for insulation in environments requiring high temperature, resistant to corrosion and thermal shock. Also, flexibility, uniform thickness and high tensile strength are other unique features of this product, which has a low heat transfer coefficient in addition to its thickness compared to ceramic fibers. Ceramic paper is produced in white color and has a maximum temperature tolerance of up to 1430 degrees Celsius, which is a very suitable alternative to asbestos-containing insulation due to the absence of asbestos and its safety for human health and the environment. It is also completely environmentally friendly and widely used in industrial equipment insulation.   In addition to the mentioned items, resistance to oxidation and many corrosive chemical agents, sound insulation, easy installation and resistance to sudden temperature changes, have been greatly appreciated by craftsmen in various fields.   Today, various industries use the many advantages of ceramic paper for optimal and efficient insulation in their products. Some of the most prominent uses of ceramic paper in the industry are:   Sealing parts and equipment in petrochemical industries Insulation of equipment in fuel stations and oil tanks Insulation of pipes in high temperature environments or metal castings Insulation of parts in power plant Thermal insulation of protectors and catalytic exhausts in vehicles Insulation of furnaces and industrial tanks Insulation of gas stoves and boilers Sewing of safety equipment and clothing, including linings for firefighting clothing and gloves and fireproof bags. Insulation to minimize heat loss in nozzles Preparation of lining to insulate molds Electrical insulation of parts Thermal and sound insulation used in the construction industry Use as an alternative to asbestos Characteristics of ceramic paper High thermal resistance (1260, 1360, 1430) degrees Celsius High durability and longevity Easy to cut and install Resistant to thermal shock Resistant to many corrosions Has the ability of electrical insulation, due to having suitable dielectric properties Suitable for sound insulation, due to high sound absorption power No environmental pollution Competitive Advantage The quality is similar to the foreign sample and the price is cheaper The ability to produce products according to the technical specifications and dimensions required by the customer Availability due to domestic production Ability to produce in the form of rolls or sheets

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