What is a ceiling tile?

Ceiling tiles or acoustic ceiling tiles are flat structures and tiles that are used for installation on the roof of buildings. Acoustic ceiling tiles are a type of acoustic material that is mainly used to improve sound absorption and separation in indoor spaces. These tiles are usually designed to improve acoustic properties, prevent echo, reduce noise and increase sound absorption in spaces. Ceiling tiles can be used in different environments from offices and commercial buildings to public spaces and professional sound systems.


Characteristics of ceiling tiles


These tiles are often made of various materials such as fiberglass, mineral fiber, plastic, wood or ceramic. The type of material has a direct effect on the acoustic and static performance of the tile.


Surface coating:

Some tiles are produced with different coatings such as waterproof, anti-corrosion, or washable coatings.


Design and color:

These tiles are often available in different designs and colors, which help to beautify and decorate the space.


Ease of installation:

Many tiles are easy to install and are usually placed on the local ceiling by means of a tile gripping system (grit system).


Acoustic properties:

Acoustic ceiling tiles have the ability to absorb and control sounds, which are effective in improving sound quality and reducing environmental noise.


Technical specifications of ceiling tiles


The technical specifications of these tiles can include the following:



Stone wool acoustic tiles are available in different thicknesses. The thickness of the tiles is one of the factors that determine the ability to absorb sound and control reflected sound in spaces.


Sound Absorption Coefficient (NRC):

The sound absorption coefficient indicates the ability of acoustic tiles to absorb sound and reduce their reflection. Stone wool tiles are usually supplied with a high sound absorption coefficient.



Some stone wool acoustic tiles have a special coating that helps them be more resistant to moisture and fire.

Dimensions and design: Acoustic tiles made of stone wool are produced with different dimensions and designs. The size and design of the tiles can also affect the appearance and style of the spaces.

Acoustic ceiling tiles are used in various environments such as offices, conference halls, sound studios, educational spaces, and public spaces and are used to improve sound communication and create a better sound environment.

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