Machines and Parts

Home appliance, Electronical and mechanical devices for industrial uses are produced in Iran for examples machines attached to tractors to harvest, packaging machines or generators or kitchen appliances like pot or a pan. Big variety of products are produced with high standards and we can help you to find the one which suits your needs.

Here are some Examples

Home Appliance

Home Appliance

Industrial Machines, for packaging

Industrial Machines, for farming

Are these All?

what do you think? can those be all products? we said Iran is huge country, then there will be many other food stuff, if you think that the product that you are lookin for is not listed here, just ask we can find it for you…..

Shipping Methods

  • shipping methods based on the value and the volume can be vary from Transit to ship, trains and aircraft plus customer demand. don’t worry we have our forwarder that always choose the best way.

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